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Delivery Services

Delivery Services You Can Depend On

Get the materials you need for your job. McDonald Concrete, Inc. in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, delivers ready-mix concrete and rock to job sites throughout the area. We have a large crew available to deliver your materials and can work with any size project, from small, do-it-yourself jobs to large, commercial construction projects. Call us today to request a rock delivery or concrete delivery to meet your needs.

Types of Projects

We deliver ready-mix concrete and rock to all types of residential and commercial sites. Typical projects we deliver to include:

Residential Projects

New Houses

Commercial Projects

Large Buildings
Parking Lots
Updates and Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can you deliver?

Each job requires a specific amount of concrete, so call our offices to find out how we can tailor this to your job.

Do you come to Illinois?

No, we are not licensed to operate in the state of Illinois.

Can you deliver to (insert city/town)?

We deliver to the Cape Girardeau county area and portions of surrounding counties such as Scott and Bollinger within a 30 mile radius of our plant (excluding Illinois), which is located at 55 North Broadview St in Cape Girardeau.

How much concrete do I need?

This is one of the most common questions we get and we are well equipped to help you figure that out! You can call our office and let our dispatcher figure the amount of concrete needed based on your dimensions, or if you need your job measured, one of our salesmen can come to your site, measure your pour and recommend how much concrete you will need for the job to ensure that your project is completed as expected.

Can you tell me what type of mix I need?

This is another common question and is one we help with all the time. This question has a lot of answers, based on what you’re pouring, such as a footing, floor, or driveway, as well as when you are pouring it and what specifications are required. However, you can feel confident knowing that our experienced staff will help make sure you get the proper mix for your project.

How much does a yard of concrete cost?

This question has many different answers based on what, when and where you are pouring. For the most accurate quote for your job, call our offices to talk to our dispatcher or salesmen.

How many chutes does your truck have?

Each mixer in our fleet is equipped with three concrete chutes, allowing you to reach around 15 feet from the drum.

Are your trucks front or rear discharge?

All of the mixer’s in our fleet are rear discharge.

How tall are your mixer trucks?

At their tallest, they are just under twelve and a half feet tall, most of them around the twelve foot, three inch mark.

Can you recommend a contractor for my job?

Absolutely! We work closely with both commercial and residential contractors who can cover anything from flat work to footings and foundations as well as both large and small job sizes. Give us a call and we will put you in touch with a contractor that will work best for you.

As always if there are any questions you have that you don't see here,
feel free to call our offices at 573-335-9446, and we will make sure that your questions are answered.